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Providing Easy Access to the Trends of Colorado's Climate
Public interest in climate change continues to rise. We are regularly presented with information about climate change and global warming. The original sources are not always given and the results are sometimes in conflict. Some scientists choose to show data from one set of weather stations, while others select different stations. Some show "raw" data while others choose to apply "adjustments" to account for undesirable inconsistencies in historic data. It is hard to know what is right. It is often impossible for the public to determine the correct information for their area when assessing climate variability and trends.

Since the Colorado Climate Center was established in 1973, we have worked closely with the National Weather Service to maintain high quality weather data and adequate regional and local climate monitoring across the state of Colorado. The National Weather Service maintains thorough records documenting most aspects of weather station creation, maintenance and operation. These "metadata" along with the data themselves allow objective evaluations of data quality and continuity.

This website was created so that anyone from scientists or students to businesses, utilities or the general public can access historic data simply and easily. Graphical outputs are designed so that with a minimum of keystrokes, users may view current temperature or precipitation conditions and compare them with the recorded historic data from the past century by month, by season or by year. Anyone should be able to assess climate trends themselves without needing an intermediary or interpreter.

The Colorado Climate Trends website is made possible by collaborative support.
The Western Water Assessment with the University of Colorado's Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences provided financial assistance and data interpretation to help select the best long-term stations in Colorado for tracking climate trends.

The Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere at Colorado State University provided funds for Webpage development.

The Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University provided funds for data analysis, display and outreach, and the Colorado Climate Center at Colorado State University maintained the climate database and provided the expertise to complete this effort.

We are indebted to NOAA's National Weather Service and the National Climatic Data Center for decades of unheralded and under appreciated work to assure the collection, documentation , and archival of quality climatic data from volunteer weather observers across Colorado and the entire United States.

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