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Site contains daily/monthly/yearly temperature, precipitation data from cooperative NWS sites, automated agricultural weather stations and link to CoCoRaHS. Drought Updates, Home of Historic Fort Collins Weather Station, CoCoRaHS volunteer network of weather observers measure and map precipitation (rain, hail and snow) for the US. Daily, monthly data listed by location or graphed on map. Weather data for agriculture has various parameters for temperature, precipitation, solar, evapotranspiration, wind and soil temperatures. Hourly and daily values for sites around Colorado. Contains Local Climatological Data, Climatological Data, Hourly Precipitation Data, Storm Data and Monthly Climate of the World publications along with Scanned Cooperative Forms. Storm Database for the US can be queried by date, type, county, etc. Contains information on hail, thunderstorms, tornados, floods, snowstorms, and other storm events. Historical climate information, station summaries and anomolies, current observations, forecasts and monitoring, station inventories, wind and evaporation data, and publications for Western States. Climate summaries for Colorado Cooperative Observation Locations monthly temperature, precipitation, averages and extremes Current climate summaries, CLIMOD, station search, historical climate data and services, climate products, publications for states in the High Plains Region. Remote automated weather stations archives for all of the US. Data archived for hourly Wind speed and direction, Wind gusts, Precipitation, Air temperature, Solar radiation, Relative humidity, Fuel moisture, Soil moisture and temperature. Snow surveys, reservoir storage, streamflow forecasts, water supply forecasts for Colorado and rest of the US daily, monthly and historical basis. Real-time streamflow compared to historical streamflow for Colorado and US Detailed information on drought in Colorado is available for surface water, ground water and climatic data Current conditions, forecasts and historic drought archive for the entire US. Alert automated network for real-time flood detection and current weather elements of temperature, wind, solar. Data retrieval and current conditions. Colorado climate summary for state of mean temperature and precipitation which can be graph or text format and queried by month or season. Temperature and precipitation maps for the US and Colorado on monthly or seasonal basis and percent average using the PRISM (Parameter-elevation Regressions on Independent Slopes Model) climate mapping system. El Nino Information and Predictions for the Southwestern US. - Multivariate El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Index (MEI) current and historic data with discussion, maps and graphs.

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